Easy File Undelete

Easy File Undelete 3.0

Maximize your chances of recovering deleted files


  • Recovers lots of file types
  • Very powerful search engine
  • Filter your results
  • Rates probability of recovery


  • Thorough search is slow


Easy File Undelete is an efficient program to help recover your deleted files.

The program will search the hard disk or external storage device for lost data, filter the search results to make them easy for you to examine and, finally, attempt to retrieve the deleted files. It supports NTFS, FAT16 and FAT32 file systems, as well as being able to handle external drives such as USB sticks and SecureMedia.

Easy File Undelete offers you four search methods to track down your deleted files – Fast Search, Complete Search, Recycle Bin Search and Temporary Internet Files Search. The search process is thoroughly documented, with a real time update of how long the process is taking and how many files have been found. Just bear in mind, however, that given the nature of Easy File Undelete’s functions, larger scans can be pretty slow.

Once Easy File Undelete has found all the files it can, it will present you with a list. You can filter this list by various criteria, and there’s a panel for previewing the files in the main interface, so you can help identify what you are actually looking for. Easy File Undelete also rates your files by their chances of successful recovery.

Easy File Undelete is a solid program that seriously increases your chances of successfully recovering accidentally deleted files.

Recover deleted files

Easy File Undelete allows any user, no matter how experienced, recover deleted files in the comfort of their own home. The program was created to meet the needs of a typical home user, thus the interface is perfectly intuitive and simple. Deleted files recovery can be performed thanks to outstanding algorithms that search for and restore maximum data possible.

If someone asks, 'How do I recover deleted files?', Easy File Undelete might be just the right answer without manuals and instructions. The program has filter options that allow a user search for the particular file recovered and a preview, available in the trial version as well so that if a user is thinking, 'Will I be able to recover my files in full?', the answer would be available before the actual purchase. The program fully supports Unicode and is also capable of recovering files, deleted in DOS.

The program is capable of restoring accidentally deleted Recycle Bin files as well as files, deleted on purpose, for example, by Shift-Delete. Easy File Undelete supports major file systems, such as NTFS, FAT32 and FAT16 and has all the means to restore deleted files from different types of storage media, including USB drives. The program was developed and tested in Windows environment and optimized for the best and fastest performance even on large hard drives.

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